Hello! We are Hypebreedz. Small army of 5000 weirdest and cutest hand-drawn creatures!

We visited your planet many times so far. Every time we were leaving the Earth we brought some artifacts and living beings with us, trying to experiment with them. One day something went terribly wrong. Our most known genetic scientist Einbert Alstein EMC2, made a huge mistake! That genetic mistake changed our looks and lives forever. We expelled him from our planet! That was a relatively good idea. He changed his name and became the greatest magician on the Earth! (we consider your science as primitive magic) Now, we have to return again and find his scripts, because we hate being so cute! Damn you, Einbert!!! We need to find EMC2’s scripts and then connect with our new hosts, to do our genetic reversible modification! You will be perfectly safe during the GRM. We will return it to you multiple times.

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